Self Care - Release Fear and Strengthen Immunity

With Eden Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka "Tapping"

Presented by Jan Hamning & Mary Ann Wilkens

MARCH 28, 2020 from 10:30am - 12:30pm CST

You Are Invited To Learn Some Self-Care

This is a very challenging and stressful time we are living. Many people struggle to sleep at night and focus during the day. The Coronavirus talk is taking over and is creating uncertainty throughout the world.

The best thing we can do right now is take care of ourselves so that we can remain healthy and, in turn, take care of our loved one’s and the people around us. They always say to put your oxygen mask on first……well, why not put your mask on by learning specific self-care techniques for finding peace and calm while balancing energies for improved immune response so that you can make better choices for today and tomorrow through a clear mind and body.

How many of these questions are a “yes” for you?

  • Can’t find your keys that you just left on the counter?
  • Feel like you are walking around in a daze?
  • Can’t remember what you were about to do?
  • You have a list of to-do’s but can’t focus on where to start?
  • Chronic pressure or tightness in your body?
  • Obsessed with Coronavirus news?
  • Overwhelmed with information?
  • Feeling anxious about the future?
  • Feeling sad many times throughout the day?
  • Being strong and calm around your kids is getting tougher to do?
  • You read a page in a book and have no idea what you read?

Join Mary Ann Wilkens and Jan Hamning on Saturday, March 28, for a session on how to care for yourself in this chaotic and trying time. They will walk you through Eden Energy Medicine exercises and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping sessions that will help release the worry and fear in order to bring grounding, calm and the ability to think more clearly through this very uncertain time.

“Research has shown that balancing the energetic nature of our mind and emotions while practicing compassionate care for ourselves and others enhances the immune system. However, excessive worry, anxiety or fear compromises the immune system, and much more, making us increasingly susceptible to viruses and disease. Fear disempowers us, whereas the attitude of managed concern leaves us more in charge of our mental and emotional nature — and creates easier access to our intuitive guidance and highest choices. Fear disrupts this connection, especially when we need it the most for grounded direction.”

HeartMath Institute

Spleen and Triple Warmer (Fight, Flight, Freeze) Relationship

Spleen meridian is where we metabolize our emotions. Triple Warmer (Triple Heater) takes over when perceived danger occurs.  The first place Triple Warmer grabs energy from is Spleen which then depletes our systems ability to stay in balance.

Jan and Mary Ann will work directly with Eden Energy Medicine techniques that support calming your nervous system and metabolizing emotions. They will also demonstrate EFT tapping rounds and energy exercises to enhance and strengthen your immune system.

How Do You Attend And What Do You Get?

This will be a webinar that you will receive a link for access to join us and learn how to take care of your own energies.

Here is what you get………

  • Recording of the session to download so that you can watch as often as you like
  • Handouts with tapping points 
  • Easy reference guide for techniques
  • Private Facebook group so that you can ask us any questions that may be coming up
  • A Zoom link that will connect you direct to the webinar – no travel or leaving home

At this time handouts, reference guide and downloadable recording can only be accessed through the Private Facebook Group.

The combined knowledge and experience of Jan and Mary Ann with Eden Energy Medicine and EFT will have you feeling more empowered to find peace and calm amidst the current environment.  Most importantly, learn techniques that can give you control over your unconscious and conscious reactions … ultimately boosting your ability to respond.

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Do not miss this opportunity to create calm in your body and strengthen your immune system.

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Your Presenters
Read Jan's Bio
Jan has been a body worker for over 27 years. The last 10 years she has been training in several energy modalities that she combines with massage therapy so that her clients can experience relief and live a healthier and more balanced life.

She is trained in Eden Energy Medicine, EFT and Feng Shui. Jan personally practices these modalities in order to maintain a balance of energy within her body and in her environment. She believes this is part of what has kept her health in good standings and is passionate about teaching other’s how to create energetic balance in their lives.

Read Mary Ann's Bio
Mary Ann started this journey over 25 years ago studying modalities to improve her pet’s lives (as well as her own). Mary Ann is a Certified Clinical Practitioner for Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) and is completing her Level 4: Advanced Practitioner training. She teaches Eden Energy Medicine Level 1 (First year of certification) and is the Regional Director for Level 2 Central Region – Chicago.

Mary Ann is also certified in Tellington-TTouch for Companion Animals and the Feldenkrais Method®. Additionally, she has completed extensive training in Pranic Healing®, essential oils / clinical aromatherapy, and more.

In 2015 Mary Ann moved from a full-time career as a Fortune 10 IT global executive to a wellness practice. Her combination of experience and training bring a unique approach to balancing mind, body and spirit. She is passionate about teaching Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) for self-care as well as improving wellness.