MBT Options

Mindful Body Transformation

There is a lot to take in here. Just know that we are here to support you. We offer Mindful Body Transformation for individuals or groups. We encourage you to book a free Discovery Session where we can identify the top reasons that the weight won’t release and to set up a strategy that will address the real issue(s). You will also discover whether a group program or individual program will best fit your needs.

Mindful Body Transformation is for you if:

You have struggled with losing weight in the past. Lack of motivation, will power, or simply feeling defeated by the process, we get it. This is where the support system comes in very handy as well as the EFT. You have gained the weight back after losing it. That is because on some level that weight did not feel safe to you subconsciously. EFT can get to the You are ready for a change. This works best for those who are ready. Ready to feel healthier. Ready to put their body first. Ready to face the crap that is behind the weight. Ready to evolve emotionally and grow as a woman.

3 Mindful Body Transformation Options

Group Option – Including Community and Group Meetings

Individual Option- Private Sessions & Learn at Own Pace

Have it all! Participate in the Groups AND Private Sessions

Why EFT /Tapping for Weight Loss?

EFT/Tapping has been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol.

When elevated, Cortisol is known to cause:

  • Digestive Issues
  • Unhealthy Food Cravings
  • Slow Metabolism
  • Increases Stress
  • Internal Healing Issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Issues
  • Weight Gain

Diet and Exercise alone are NOT enough!

If you have ever tried to lose weight AND keep it off, you know that just diet and exercise isn’t enough.  It may work for a while, but there is another piece to the puzzle.  That piece that needs to be addressed is in your brain, in your programming, in your beliefs.  EFT/Tapping is a powerful tool used to reprogram your beliefs.  Both Diet and Exercise ARE important.  In fact having a plan for diet and exercise is a requirement of joining the group, but it is not the end all be all.  Diet and exercise will help you reach your weight goals, the EFT tapping will help you change your relationship with your body so that you can maintain the ideal weight. 

Tap into a HEALTHY relationship with food

EFT is a powerful tool that we use every week in many ways, but one of the most profound ways is to change the limiting beliefs and programming that we took on as children.  ​​Chances are you experienced at least a few of the following:    

  • ​Rewarded with food- “If you clean your plate you get dessert”
  • ​Encouraged to be a “good eater”- “You ate all your peas!  What a good girl!”
  • Punished with food- Eating cold tuna casserole for breakfast
  • ​Member of the “Clean Plate Club”
  • ​Guilt or shame​ if you wasted food- “Children are starving”
  • ​Important to be polite and eat what is being served
  • ​Shame if you were ungrateful or wasted food
  • ​Outcast or a burden for being a picky eater- “She’s so picky!” aka “bad girl”
  • ​Food is the focal point of celebration- Cake, Chips, Soda
  • ​Some foods are the enemy- usually the same foods we used in celebrations
  • ​Guilty for eating “bad” foods
  • ​Lack of control over diet as a child

We Will Also Use Tapping To:

  • Curb the cravings and addictions to sugars and other “kryptonite” foods.
  • ​Address the emotions and negative energy around your body.
  • ​Send a clear message to your body that it is now safe to release the weight as we surround ourselves in self love and acceptance.
  • ​Strengthen our mindset and claim our true power.

Mindful Body Transformation Group Option

8 Weekly Modules

Take your transformation one step at a time as you learn, grow and discover your power and health with ease.

8 Weekly Live Meetings

On these weekly meetings, Jan and Lori address YOUR specific needs. We teach a variety of energy techniques customized to your needs.  We share as a group and support each other.

Recordings of Meetings

Can’t be there Live? That’s okay.  You will have access to the group call recordings.  You also are encouraged to reach out to Jan and Lori before the call with questions or other topics you would like covered deeper.

Private Facebook Community

This is a great place to connect with others who are going through what you are going through.  This is where a lot of the magic happens, relationships blossom, people support each other, hold each other accountable and of course laugh!

Power Partners

You will be given the option of being paired up with another group member to help support each other on a deeper level.  This is an optional aspect of MBT and not required.

Balance of Energy

We teach a variety of energy techniques throughout the program to give you optimal transformation and lasting support. The energy modalities we employ are EFT/Tapping, Picture Tapping, Feng Shui, Eden Energy Medicine, Muscle Testing and more.

Connect with Jan Today!

Book your free Mindful Body Transformation Call with Jan.

Connect with Lori Today!

Book your free Mindful Body Transformation Call with Lori.

Mindful Body Transformation Individual Option

3 Private Sessions With Jan

Jan is an expert in EFT for Weight Loss, Feng Shui, Eden Energy Medicine and the Law of Attraction.  She will offer a balance of her expertise that is ideal for you to overcome your challenges.

3 Private Sessions With Lori

Lori is an expert in EFT for Weight Loss as well as an expert in Soul Contracts, Deliberate Manifestation & Law of Attraction.  She will also provide support that is specific to you and your needs.

8 Weekly Modules

Take your transformation one step at a time as you learn, grow and discover your power and health with ease at your own pace.  Modules are made up of videos, pdfs and practical exercises.

2 Sessions with Jan and Lori

We begin and end this program with a joint session with both experts supporting you.  this is the best way that we can get your baseline, understand your situation and custom tailor our work to be laser focused on your needs.

Complete Mindful Body Transformation Option

Group Option and all that it comes with:

  • Group meetings
  • FB Community
  • Meeting Recordings
  • Power Partners

Individual Sessions

  • 2 Sessions with Jan and Lori
  • 3 Sessions with Jan
  • 3 Sessions with Lori

8+ Body Transformation Modules

A comprehensive combination of:

  • Videos
  • Energy Practices
  • Handouts & more

Special Bonuses

Scheduled Self Care 3 mornings a week with Lori and friends-  Mon, Wed & Fri 7:30-8:15 am (ET) 14 Day Sugar Detox Recipes- Created by nutritionist and EFT master, Karen Donaldson, this 14 Day Detox is Perfect for anyone who is ready to remove sugar succes

What women are saying about…


It makes those action steps real/concrete and putting them out there to the group makes me want to do them since I am considering myself accountable to these people in this with me. It has kept me moving when I know I otherwise would not have. Every week it matters.

Facebook Group

I like to hear what other people are doing to meet their action steps and what insights they have to offer. I usually get something out of the posts once a day as long as people are posting. It’s great to hear what is going on for others and have that support out there.

Energy Practices

I love learning new ways to balance my energy! I now have multiple grounding exercises that have completely changed my life! I had no idea how much I could do with muscle testing! I have learned so much!

Tapping For Food Cravings

I have been craving pizza all my life. LOVE the stuff. Since our first tapping on cravings, I have craved nothing, including pizza! It is so empowering knowing that I have the control, not the chocolate!

Tapping With The Group

It is the only thing I have found that gets me out of my negative way of thinking! I can feel a shift when tapping. The tapping is the absolute best part of the program, thanks!!! I always feel better after tapping.

Group Members

Wonderful group of women willing to open up to share their own issues with weight loss and how it affects their life. I’m so grateful for their openness and most importantly, for Lori’s guidance & caring heart!