What Is Your Vibrational Frequency?

February, 2021

I have heard many times over again by different motivational speakers and read in many books that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Think about those 5 people you hang with the most and read further.

Everything is energy first and foremost. We learn that in science class in elementary school. Check these images out…everything has an energetic frequency.

What vibration are you and the people around you resonating at in any particular moment? Do you find yourself not feeling so good when you are around certain people? Do you find that those are the friends or family members that never see the sun through the clouds, are never happy with what they have, always waiting for the “next shoe to drop” or blaming and complaining quite often? Those are examples of someone resonating at a low frequency.

When we are around those lower vibrations for a longer period of time, we tend to come down to their frequency level maybe out of love? Or possibly compassion? Or guilt? Rather than allowing your vibration to meet their vibration at a lower level, remain aware of how you feel and notice if you can get them to bring their vibration up closer to your frequency level.

We can’t control some things, but we can control our thoughts and words. Our energy flows where our thoughts go. Yes, our thoughts and words have a vibration too, therefore it’s important to pay attention to those. When we allow our thoughts to go to a place that doesn’t feel good, our energy shifts to a low vibration. Hold that vibration for a long time and that is when nothing good seems to happen, we feel life isn’t fair and it’s everyone else’s fault. That indicates that we are definitely going upstream against the natural flow.

Riding that river of life downstream is so much easier and enjoyable than paddling upstream. You may want to raise the frequency your energy is vibrating at in order to stay in the flow.

If you are not in a good vibration, and we are all aware when we are not, think of something or someone that makes you feel better in order to raise those vibes. It really works.

Not only will you create a happier life for yourself, but those 5 people you spend the most time with will thank you.