Frequently Asked Questions

Do I remove all of my clothing for a massage?

You can remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable with. Please keep in mind that you are fully covered at all times, except for the body section being worked on at the time. Your therapist will discuss the session prior to removing any clothing so that you will understand what will happen during your therapy session. Draping is performed in a professional manner and if you are uncomfortable at any time, please let your therapist know. When receiving Thai Bodywork, you are fully clothed at all times.

What are some benefits of massage?

Massage can improve your circulation, increase flexibility, assist in lymphatic drainage, help in the release of emotional and physical stress … and that’s just a few of the benefits your mind and body can experience.

How often can I get a massage?

You can receive a massage everyday, if you would like. As long as you do not have any physical ailments that massage would hinder, go for it. If you are under a doctor’s care for anything, always get approval from your doctor first.

Will a therapeutic/deep tissue massage hurt?

A deep tissue massage may be slightly uncomfortable at times, depending on the condition of the tissue being manipulated. It is important to have communication between you and your therapist. Some people cannot take as much pressure as others so it is very important to have a therapist that can read the reaction of the body through their hands and to have feedback from the client.